WiiLabyrinth with KUKA's youBot

Adaptation of the classical wooden marble labyrinth game for the new KUKA youBot (the video shows a prototype). The robot is controlled by a Nintendo Wii controller. Different game modes are possible, where two players can play cooperatively or against each other. This game was created as a project of the bavarian elite graduate program Software Engineering at the University of Augsburg.

Tele-operation using two KUKA Lightweight Robots and MS Surface

Two KUKA Lightweight Robots are remote controlled (tele-operated) by a Microsoft surface application utilizing mult-touch and tangible interaction. The operator cannot see the robots directly, he can just use three types of feedback that are provided: the picture taken by a camera mounted on the right robot, a 3D visualization of the robot poses and the force values measured by the robots at their end effectors. These force values are displayed inside the 3D visualization. The application is powered by a robot control architecture developed in the research project SoftRobot. The architecture includes a real-time robot control core supporting the Realtime Primitives Interface (RPI) and the Java-based Robotics API for high level robot application modeling.

Factory 2020

This demonstration was developed for the final presentation of the research project SoftRobot. It shows some vision of how assembly tasks might be performed by robots in the not so distant future. Key technical challenges are force controlled motion, real-time robot synchronization and multi-robot coordination. The application is completely programmed in Java, using the software stack developed in the SoftRobot project.