Start date: 23.03.2005
Funded by:
Local head of project: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Reif




InopSys - Interoperability of Calculi for System Modelling

Almost all recent practical description languages for software engineering agree in that complex information processing systems are best described using different, complementary views. To this end there exist various, fundamentally different models for the relevant aspects such as data, state transitions, recursive definitions at all levels as well as the dynamics and mobility of self-configuring networks. Another topic is the stepwise development of such systems.

For nearly all these aspects computing science has developed logical and algebraical theories and calculi that are based on strongly formal systems of deduction rules. However, most of these are tailored to one or only few aspects. What is missing is an integration of the different models into an interoperable box of formal tools that interact soundly and allow the reflection of the various aspects and levels of real systems.

The project has the following overall aims:

  • Representation, adaptation and integration of the existing calculi for system modelling into an overall frame that unifies the subcalculi and relates them in an interoperable manner.
  • Logical foundation of the frame by means of a semantical core calculus that guarantees a coherent and consistent semantics of the subcalculi.
  • Tool support through a proof system, used for the rigorous check of the calculus rules and for the treatment of more complex examples.

The project does not yet aim at the direct transferral of the interoperability frame to one of the current, practically applied description languages. The emphasis is on the theoretical foundations. However, the project will initiate studies (e.g. in the form of master's or Ph.D. theses) on practical realizability of the frame.