Test Case Selection Strategy for Self-Organization Mechanisms

Benedikt Eberhardinger, Hella Seebach, Dominik Klumpp, Wolfgang Reif

A major challenge of testing self-organization mechanisms is to cover the large state space that is due to the autonomy of the system and the partially unpredictable environment it has to operate in. This challenges the test case generation and selection, since exhaustive testing is largely impossible and the adequacy of a test suite depends on run-time aspects, e.g., the current structure of the system in its environment. We present an approach for test case generation and selection, which is tailored for self-organization mechanisms and their characteristics. Thus, it is possible to efficiently reduce the number of test cases compared to a random selection strategy by not losing adequacy. We show this in an empirical evaluation of a self-organizing production cell scenario.
Test, Analyse und Verifikation von Software – gestern, heute, morgen

Publisher: dpunkt.verlag

ISBN: 978-3-86490-470-7