Selbst-organisiertes, trust-bewusstes Supply Demand Management in Smart Grids

The aim to provide a climate-friendly energy supply poses a great challenge to electric power systems. To meet this challenge, actively including the currently mainly uninvolved consumers into the operation of electric power systems is a necessity.

In this thesis, an approach for an autonomous, self-organized Demand Side Management is proposed. By controlling smaller groups of consumers, so-called Autonomous Consumer Organizations, a scalable coordination of the consumers is achieved. Autonomous Consumer Organizations are self-organizing, meaning that they form their structure on their own and adapt it if changing conditions make it necessary. To handle the system's inherent uncertainties, the social concept of trust is used, thereby making the coordination of consumers robust against prediction errors.

Moreover, in this thesis, Autonomous Consumer Organizations are combined with the existing concept of Autonomous Virtual Power Plants, self-organized groups of power producers. This system of Autonomous Consumer Organizations and Autonomous Virtual Power Plants is able to do an autonomous, self-organized Supply Demand Management by robustly coordinating producers and consumers under uncertainties.

published 20.07.2017 in: Augsburg Publikationsserver OPUS der Universit├Ątsbibliothek Augsburg


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