A Flexible Architecture for Automatically Generating Robot Applications based on Expert Knowledge

In this paper, we propose a general software architecture for off-line programming platforms to semi-automatically program a robot system and its end-effectors in industrial automation. It considers that such platforms should be geared towards domain experts – especially when regarding low-batch size manufacturing of customized products as part of Industry 4.0. Hence, it supports a process-oriented guidance for complex manufacturing tasks and includes the possibility for interactive planning with domain-specific user interfaces. Moreover, the extensibility for new domains, work-flows, algorithms, user interfaces or hardware plays an important role in the proposed approach. Finally, the architecture was successfully evaluated on an off-line programming platform for the manufacturing of carbon-fibrereinforced polymers (CFRP) which can be characterized as a low-batch size production process.
published 21.06.2016 Proceedings of 47st International Symposium on Robotics (ISR)

Publisher: VDE Verlag GMBH


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