Combining PosoMAS Method Content with Scrum: Agile Software Engineering for Open Self-Organising Systems

Jan-Philipp Steghöfer, Hella Seebach, Benedikt Eberhardinger, Michael Hübschmann, and Wolfgang Reif

In this paper we discuss how to combine the method content from PosoMAS, the Process for open, self-organising Multi-Agent Systems, with the agile iterative-incremental life cycle of Scrum. The result is an agile software engineering methodology tailored to open self-organising systems. We show how the methodology has been applied in a development project and discuss the lessons learned. Finally, we compare the Scrum version of PosoMAS to other agile agent-oriented software engineering methodologies and address the selection of a suitable process.
published 01.01.2016 Scalable Computing: Practice and Experiences
ISBN: 1895-1767 DOI: 10.12694/scpe.v16i4.1134

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