Towards Realtime Robot Reactions – Patterns for Modular Device Driver Interfaces

Andreas Schierl, Alwin Hoffmann, Andreas Angerer, Michael Vistein and Wolfgang Reif

Getting new robot hardware to work requires the implementation device drivers. When this is seen as tedious work, initial versions of drivers often tend to lack clean software architecture or component design. This leads to drivers that work acceptably in the given context, but exhibit little modularity or reusability for other contexts. Especially for use cases that contain real-time robot reactions (reflexes) to sensor events, these implementations are often not usable. This paper describes different device driver implementation patterns found in existing robot software, and analyses them towards advantages and disadvantages, aiming to provide advice which pattern to use in which context.
published 06.05.2013 Eighth full-day Workshop on Software Development and Integration in Robotics (SDIR VIII)


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