TEMAS - A Trust-Enabling Multi-Agent System for Open Environments

Gerrit Anders, Florian Siefert, Nizar Msadek, Rolf Kiefhaber, Oliver Kosak, Wolfgang Reif, Theo Ungerer

The TEMAS - the Trust-Enabling Multi-Agent System - is a multi-agent system for open environments. It is based on the Trust-Enabling Middleware, which itself is based on the adaptive, organic middleware OCµ that features self-x properties such as self-healing and self-optimization. Further, the TEMAS incorporates an infrastructure that provides a variety of multiagent system concepts. Apart from facilities for communication in local and distributed environments and a yellow pages service, it allows itself and the agents to use application-specific metrics to derive trust values for different facets from prior experiences with the Trust Metric Infrastructure provided by the Trust-Enabling Middleware. In the TEMAS, agents can be run on nodes, a form of container similar to those used in peer-to-peer networks. Nodes often represent physical devices and can host several agents or reactive services. With respect to the Trust-Enabling Middleware, the TEMAS serves as a facade because it hides the complexity of the underlying infrastructure consisting of nodes and services and dependent interfaces to higher level applications. This results, e.g., in simpler, more common, and natural interfaces for messaging and the application of trust in multi-agent systems.
published 17.04.2013 Technical Report 2013-04


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