Formal Specification of an Erase Block Management Layer for Flash Memory

Jörg Pfähler, Gidon Ernst, Gerhard Schellhorn, Dominik Haneberg, and Wolfgang Reif

This work presents a formal specification and an implementation of an erase block management layer and a formal model of the flash driver interface. It is part of our effort to construct a verified file system for flash memory. The implementation supports wear-leveling, handling of bad blocks and asynchronous erasure of blocks. It uses additional data structures in RAM for efficiency and relies on a model of the flash driver, which is similar to the Memory Technology Device (MTD) layer of Linux. We specify the effects of unexpected power failure and subsequent recovery. All models are mechanized in the interactive theorem prover KIV.
published 2013 In Proc. of 9th International Haifa Verification Conference

Publisher: Springer

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