SecureMDD: Transformation of a UML application model to a formal specification

Nina Moebius, Marian Borek, Kurt Stenzel, Wolfgang Reif

The SecureMDD project provides a software engineering approach to develop secure smart card applications. The approach is model-driven and integrates formal verification to guarantee the security of the application under development. Furthermore, based on a platform-independent UML model of the application under development, the approach is able to generate executable source code for the smart cards and terminals of the application. The whole approach is fully supported by tools and all model-to-model- as well as model-to-text-transformations are fully implemented. This paper contains the implementation of the transformations that generate a formal specification out of the platform-independent UML model of an application. The formal specification is based on algebraic specifications and Abstract State Machines (ASM). The formal model can be loaded into the interactive theorem prover KIV and is used to verify security properties for the modeled application.
published 2012 Technical Report 2012-10

Publisher: Technical Report 2012-10, Institute of Computer Science, University of Augsburg