Model-Driven Development of Secure Service Applications

Marian Borek, Nina Moebius, Kurt Stenzel and Wolfgang Reif

The development of a secure service application is a difficult task and designed protocols are very error-prone. To develop a secure SOA application, application-independent protocols (e.g. TLS or Web service security protocols) are used. These protocols guarantee standard security properties like integrity or confidentiality but the critical properties are application-specific (e.g. “a ticket can not be used twice”). For that, security has to be integrated in the whole development process and application-specific security properties have to be guaranteed. This paper illustrates the modeling of a securitycritical service application with UML. The modeling is part of an integrated software engineering approach that encompasses model-driven development. Using the approach, an application based on service-oriented architectures (SOA) is modeled with UML. From this model executable code as well as a formal specification to prove the security of the application is generated automatically. Our approach, called SecureMDD, supports the development of security-critical applications and integrates formal methods to guarantee the security of the system. The modeling guidelines are demonstrated with an online banking example.
published 2012 Proceedings of the 35th IEEE Software Engineering Workshop (SEW-35)

Publisher: IEEE



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