A Generic Framework for Simulating the EEX Power Market in Agent-Based Energy Management Applications

Florian Siefert, Gerrit Anders, Matthias Sommer, Wolfgang Reif

Due to regulatory changes and climate protection goals, the dependence on distributed and weather-dependent energy resources will continue to increase in the next years. This situation requires new ideas on how the energy system of tomorrow should operate, and establishes new requirements for the technical and legislative infrastructure. Serving as catalyst promoting research in the field of energy management applications, there are many projects that investigate in which way these changes have influence on the interests of participants of electricity markets and market prices. These studies are often conducted in an agent-based environment that features a simulated electricity market. In this paper, we present a generic agent-based framework for simulating a realistic electricity market, the European Energy Exchange (EEX) power market. This simulator can be easily incorporated into existing agent-based simulations of energy management applications. Without having to design an electricity market from scratch, researchers can concentrate their resources on developing and analyzing the underlying application.
published 19.01.2012 Proceedings of the Power and Energy Student Summit 2012


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