The Trust-Enabling Middleware: Introduction and Application

Rolf Kiefhaber, Florian Siefert, Gerrit Anders, Theo Ungerer, Wolfgang Reif

In this report, we present the Trust-Enabling Middleware (TEM) that is based on the message- and service-oriented organic middleware OCµ. The TEM enhances OCµ by features that enable the middleware as well as applications based on it to use trust data. These features include the possibility to save experiences made with interaction partners and to derive trust data with the help of trust metrics out of these saved experiences. Furthermore, we show an example application based on the Trust-Enabling Middleware that considers uncertainty in power networks, the Trusted Energy Grid, and especially illustrate its use of the Trust Metric Infrastructure provided by the TEM.
published 01.04.2011 Technical Report 2011-10


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