A Wave-like Decentralized Reconfiguration Strategy for Self-organizing Resource-Flow Systems (Extended Abstract)

Jan Sudeikat, Jan-Philipp Steghöfer, Hella Seebach, Wolfgang Reif, Wolfgang Renz, Thomas Preisler, and Peter Salchow

In resource-flow systems, e.g. production lines, agents are processing resources by applying capabilities to them in a given order. Such systems profit from self-organization as they become easier to manage and more robust against failures. In this paper, we propose a decentralized coordination process that restores a system’s functionality after a failure by propagating information about the error through the system until a fitting agent is found that is able to undertake the required function. The mechanism has been designed by combining a top-down design approach for self-organizing resource-flow system and a systemic modeling approach for the design of decentralized, distributed coordination mechanisms. The systematic conception of the inter-agent process is outlined and initial evaluations show the convergence to stable, i.e. fully operative configurations.
published 10.06.2010 in: Amsterdam Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Decentralized Coordination of Distributed Processes (DCDP)