Developing Safety-Critical Mechatronical Systems

Matthias G├╝demann, Frank Ortmeier, Wolfgang Reif

Developing Safety-Critical Mechatronical Systems

Developing high-assurance systems is always a challenging task. This is in par-ticular true for safety-critical mechatronical systems. For these systems it is not only necessary to develop efficient software, which must often run on processors with limited resources but also to take carefully into account what environment is to be controlled and how this environment can be monitored. Esterel Technologies SCADE Suite is a state-of-the-art development tool for safety-critical software. It is widely used in avionics and space applications. In this paper we show, how a model driven approach for software development can be used for mechatronical systems and what benefits can be achieved compared to traditional development processes. We illustrate the process on a real world case study: the height control system of the Elbe-Tunnel in Hamburg.
published 20.02.2008 in: Paderborn 7. Internationales Heinz Nixdorf Symposium: Selbstoptimierende mechatronische Systeme

Publisher: HNI Schriftenreihe