Modeling of self-adaptive systems with SCADE

Matthias G├╝demann, Andreas Angerer, Frank Ortmeier, Wolfgang Reif

Modeling of self-adaptive systems with SCADE

An important property of embedded systems is dependability. Today this addresses mostly safety and reliability. Guaranteeing these properties is normally done by adding redundancy to the system. This approach is expensive and can not cope with changing environments. Therefore new designs are researched, which allow systems to self-adapt and self-heal. For broad acceptance in industry it is important, that organic systems can be modeled and analyzed with standard modeling tools and languages. We present a case study of an adaptive production automation cell modelled in the Lustre language using the SCADE Suite and the verification of functional properties. SCADE is used widely in industry, especially in safety critical applications. Being able to model and verify adaptive systems in SCADE could increase their acceptance for these target areas.
published 27.05.2007 00:00 Proceedings of 2007 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems

Publisher: IEEE