Interactive Verification of Medical Guidelines

Jonathan Schmitt, Alwin Hoffmann, Michael Balser, Wolfgang Reif, Mar Marcos

Interactive Verification of Medical Guidelines

In the medical domain, there is a tendency to standardize health care by providing medical guidelines as summary of the best evidence concerning a particular topic. Based on the assumption that guidelines are similar to software, we try to carry over techniques from software engineering to guideline development. In this paper, we show how to apply formal methods, namely interactive verification to improve the quality of guidelines. As an example, we have worked on a guideline from the American Academy of Pediatrics for the management of jaundice in newborns. Contributions of this paper are as follows: (I) a formalized model of a nontrivial example guideline, (II) an approach to verify properties of medical guidelines interactively, and (III) verification of a first example property.
published August 2006 Proceedings of FM 2006: Formal Methods 14th International Symposium on Formal Methods Hamilton, Canada, August 21-27, 2006, Springer LNCS 4085

Publisher: Springer