Projects Group Prof. Dr. Reif

Running Projects
  • TeamBotS
    A tool-based methodology for develolping software for dynamic robot teams

  • WiR Augsburg
    Robotic component inspection and Plug-&-Work for composite materials processing in concert with Industry 4.0 technologies

  • CosiMo
    Automatic Optimization of CFRP Production with Machine Learning

    Combination of Planning, Self-Organization and Reconfiguration in a Robot Ensemble for Handling ScORe Missions

  • TeSOS
    Testing Self-Organizing, Adaptive Systems

  • SINA
    Reliable Perception for Flexible Assistance in Dynamic and Unstructured Environments
  • Flashix
    Verification of a File System for Flash Memory

If you are interested in working on one of these topics as a student or Ph.D student, feel free to contact us. We are also open for unsolicited applications.