Welcome and Farewell

We are happy to welcome Alexander Poeppel (researcher), Katja Otillinger (secretary) and Melina Buchschuster (secretary) to the institute, and we wish all the best for their future careers to Dr. Kurt Stenzel and Dr. Michael Vistein.

Starting from the 14th of March, Alexander Poeppel will join the institute as a researcher, focusing on robotics, mechatronics and automation. In the secretary's office, Katja Otillinger and Melina Buchschuster are supporting the team since the beginning of the year.

And last but not least, the ISSE says farewell to Dr. Kurt Stenzel, who has promoted the institute's work in the area of safety and security for more than ten years, and to Dr. Michael Vistein, who has taken a position with the DLR.

message of 11.03.2016