1st Long Night of the Sciences in Augsburg
Digital Transformation: Humans facing Intelligent Systems

On May 5th, 2018, the ISSE participated in the "Long Night of the Sciences" with an exposition on the effects of the digital transformation.


Visitors were able to see a real robot cooperate with its digital twin in a mixed reality setting completed by smartglasses (HoloLens) that are becoming common in Industry 4.0 scenarios. Moreover, they could interact with a smart home that is scheduling appliances according to a low energy price and/or personal preferences in MiniBrass.


We were astonished by the large number of visitors interested in science & technology, enjoyed to learn more about our colleagues' projects, and are glad to have gotten in touch with many visitors in a relaxed and picturesque atmosphere in Augsburg's town hall.


Picture credits: ISSE

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