Gastvortrag "Variability-Engineering for (not only) embedded software systems" von Dr. Harald Roelle

Am 1.2.2018 hält Dr. Harald Roelle von Siemens Mobility Rolling Stock ab 17:15 Uhr einen Gastvortrag in der Ringvorlesung des Elitestudiengangs. Der Vortrag findet in Raum 1057N statt und hat den Titel "Variability-Engineering for (not only) embedded software systems".


In markets like rolling stock, standardized products can not meet the customers' requirements neither completely nor in all projects. The so called variability-engineering for platforms is a systematic approach to gain the required flexibility while still enabling reuse and efficient engineering.
The talk will give an introduction to variability-engineering and its application for train control software.

Zum Vortrag sind alle herzlich eingeladen.

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