DFG is funding a joint ISSE research project

We are glad, that the DFG has recently announced to fund our research project “TeSOS - Testing Self-Organizing, Adaptive Systems” for three years. This project is a joint research project of two professors at the ISSE, Professor Dr. Wolfgang Reif and Professor Dr. Alexander Knapp.

For many years, nature has been a source of inspiration for the design of information systems, e.g., in the research areas of artificial intelligence, multi-agent systems, and self-organizing systems. The core idea is to develop systems by using the so-called self-* properties (self-healing, self-configuring, and self-optimizing), which correspond to biological mechanisms. The foundation of many of the self-* properties is self-organization. Self-organization enables a restructuring of the system and its components in order to conform to its environment to fulfill its goals. This new flexibility leads to challenges in engineering these systems, i.e. in testing. For example, the behavior cannot be specified fully at design-time since adaptation decisions are moved to run-time. This makes it hard to assure that those systems fulfill their requirements, but even more necessary to take appropriate measures. In this connection, testing plays a decisive role. The pivotal question is how to handle the state space of a self-organizing, adaptive system (SOAS) which is developing in an evolutionary fashion during the execution of the system.

message of 23.04.2015